New Delhi: K Chandrashekhar Rao-led Telangana government has sacked over 48,000 employees and workers of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), after they refused to call off their two-day indefinite strike. At a review meeting with top officials, the Chief Minister made it clear that there is no question of taking back those who did not join duties before the deadline set by the government.

Notably, the TRS government in Telangana  had asked the striking employees to resume their duties by 6 PM on Saturday, failing which they will lose their jobs.

“It is an unpardonable crime that they went on a strike during the festive season and at a time when the TSRTC was incurring a huge loss of Rs. 1,200 crore and its debt burden had gone up to Rs. 5,000 crore,” a leading daily quoted KCR as saying.

The Chief Minister also pitched for the appointment of new employees, saying that the newly-recruited employees should be made to give an undertaking that they would not join any trade union. Furthermore, he directed the officials to immediately hire and operate 2,500 private buses.

“There are 4,114 private buses and if they are made into state carriages, they would also come under the TSRTC. A new beginning would be made in the history of TSRTC and it will be turned into a profit-making organisation”,
he added.

Since Saturday, a total of 50,000 employees and workers of TSRTC had been on strike. They are insisting on a written assurance on their main demand, i.e, merger of the TSRTC with the government so that they become government employees.