New Delhi, Aug 10: The Telangana University has turned down a students organisations’ request to invite Congress President Rahul Gandhi to the campus, said ANI on Friday. The university cited security as the reason; it said Gandhi is under special security coverage. Gandhi is to visit the state on August 13 and 14.  Media reports, however, suggested that the university had heard from the Chief Minister’s Office not to allow any such gathering on the campus as it was likely to trigger violence.

The visit had anyway caused a lot of debate in the state with the local student leaders and the Joint Action Committee (JAC) in Osmania University criticising it. According to Deccan Chronicle, the OU-JAC had said they wouldn’t allow Gandhi to enter the university as many students sacrificed their lives while the Congress delayed a separate Telangana state. (Also read: Gandhi Terms Rafale Deal as the Biggest Defence Scam)

The daily quoted JAC Chairman Dudimetla Balaraju Yadav as saying, “Rahul Gandhi never even took the name of Telangana state. Then, why is he visiting Osmania University now? He is just coming to ask for votes from people of Telangana. If Rahul Gandhi wants to enter OU, then he should rub his nose on Gun Park. Then, we will allow him to enter the varsity.”

However, JAC spokesperson Krishank Manne sang a different tune. He told the daily, “Students who are opposing were never a part of OU-JAC. They are mouthpieces of TRS, from their student outfit, and BJP fears that Rahulji’s visit would attract students and unemployed youth towards Congress, which is the only alternative in Telangana, and students have invited Rahul Gandhi to thank the Congress without which Telangana would not have been a reality.”

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee suffered a similar embarrassment recently when Delhi’s prestigious St Stephens College invited her for an event and withdrew the invitation at the last minute.