New Delhi: The Telangana Prisons Department has hired psychiatrists for all prisons in the state in a bid to reform them. The state prisons department has decided to lodge the rape convicts inmates and put them through psychiatric evaluation and counselling.

Talking about the reformatory move, Director General of Prisons VK Singh said that rapists were perverts and must be made to realise that their crime is more heinous than the rest and they need to be kept in isolation. Singh went on to add that keeping them in jails with other murderers, dacoits, and Naxalites does not allow them to realise the seriousness of their crime.

He said, “I think they feel their crime is just like a murder or a robbery.” While speaking to media, Singh said that ‘they must be made to feel that their crime is more heinous and abhorrent than anything else’. Those convicted to raping children have perverted minds and they need to be evaluated psychologically to know what is their problem,’’ Singh added.

Once the rape convicts are segregated, a team of psychiatrists and psychologists led by Dr C Beena, retired head of the department of psychology, Osmania University will start a counselling programme. Undertrials in different prisons in the state will be covered under this programme.

Singh further said, “After serving the time in prison, if a rapist is released into the society just like that, he will continue to commit the crime because he is a pervert. He continues to be a threat. Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists will evaluate them and provide special counselling so that they come out of that pervert mindset. When a rapist is released after he has served his time, we will keep a tab on him and maybe help in his rehabilitation,” Singh said.

Singh further said it will take some time to work out the modalities for the programme and to put it into motion. This will be one of the many initiatives of Telangana Prisons Department to reform undertrials and convicts.