Hyderabad, December 13: In a chilling plot, a woman murdered her husband and nearly succeeded in passing off her paramour as her spouse but a bowl of mutton soup revealed the sinister plan. Also Read - Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection Day 2: Pawan Kalyan Starrer Beats Non-Baahubali Films, Mints Rs 11 Crore in AP And Telangana

M Swati, who is working as a nurse at a private hospital, was arrested by Telangana Police in Nagarkurnool town after she confessed to murdering her husband Sudhakar Reddy with the help of her paramour Rajesh. Also Read - YS Sharmila, Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy's Sister to Launch Her Party in Telangana on July 8

Swati and Sudhakar were married for three years and have a child. But with the time she became close to Rajesh, a physiotherapist, and hatched the murder plan. Acting as per the plan, the couple knocked Sudhakar unconscious with anaesthesia on November 27, and then killed him by bludgeoning his head. The duo then dumped and burned Sudhakar’s body in a forest. Also Read - BJP Candidate's Unique Campaign Formula: Cry Out Loud and Fall At Voters' Feet

And to pass off Rajesh as Sudhakar and cover up the disappearance of her husband, the former’s face was disfigured with acid and he was brought to the hospital for a plastic surgery. Swati told her husband’s family that some unknown people had attacked Sudhakar.

But the mutton soup served as a tool to bring justice as ‘Sudhakar’ refused to have it after which relatives became suspicious. Their suspicion grew when Rajesh told hospital staff that he is a vegetarian whereas the real Sudhakar was a non-vegetarian.

The Reddy family even noticed difference in behaviour, a police officer said. When they started asking him questions about relatives, Rajesh, who they thought was Sudhakar, stopped speaking and communicated in signs.

The family alerted the police following which Swati was grilled and she confessed to her crime, She told the police that she got the idea for the identity swap from the 2014 Telugu movie ‘Yevadu’, in which a plastic surgeon gives an injured youth the face of her deceased son.

Police said Rajesh will be taken into custody after being discharged from the hospital.

With inputs from Agencies