Hyderabad, April 26: A 28-year-old Telengana banker has appealed to the Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje to help find her wife who has been missing since a month. Also Read - After Mumbai Power Blackout, Telangana Faced Cyber Attack Attempt by China | Here's What Happened

B Vinay Babu, who works in a bank at Hyderabad, alleged that his wife, Mamatha, was abducted by his in-laws — who were opposed to inter-caste marriage and are permanent residents of Jodhpur in Rajasthan — since the day they got married. The banker claimed that his in-laws had threatened to take her back to Jodhpur. “My appeal to Rajasthan Chief Minister (Vasundhara Raje) is to please help me find my wife. She is missing for one month and I am really worried about her safety. If she was fine, she would have definitely called me,” Vinay Babu was quoted as saying by NDTV. Also Read - Hyderabad Software Engineer Stabbed At Home By Her Stalker

Babu met Mamatha, 23, in 2013 and were in a relationship till they got married a couple of months ago. According to the banker, they together went to the police station after their wedding to inform them about the threats by his in-laws. As a result the entire family was summoned to the police station for counselling. Also Read - Hyderabad Student Who Faked Rape, Abduction 2 Weeks Ago Dies by Suicide

Even Mamatha is learnt to have complained to the police about her apprehensions from her own family as they were against her marrying a man against their wishes. (ALSO READ: Noida: Abducted fashion designer Shipra Malik reunites with family, describes her horror story)

However, the local police said that it wasn’t possible to aid the couple with 24-hour security, but the 28-year-old said that even after moving into a new house, they were being tailed by strangers. Mamatha disappeared last month when Vinay Babu was at work. Neighbours though confirmed that they saw her being taken away forcibly by some men. Since then there have been no trace of the 23-year-old woman.

”We registered a case of kidnapping. We also sent a team to Jodhpur district, but they could not trace her. We are still trying,” senior police officer Anand Reddy was quoted as saying by the above-mentioned portal.

Meanwhile in Jodhpur, Mamatha’s family members have also lodged a police complaint and alleged that she ran away with five kilos of gold after her wedding with Vinay Babu.