Even the smallest of gestures can unite a divided community and one way of doing it, is by looking out for one another, as Hindus in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya have done for their Muslim brothers. In what could be seen as a way of easing the tension between the two communities, which was brought about by the proposed Ram temple construction, Hindus donated land to Muslims for use as a burial ground.Also Read - Fake Call Centre Busted in UP, 30 Held For Duping People With Promise of Loans

The donated land, which is in Belarikhan village under the Gosaiganj Assembly constituency, had been a bone of contention between the two communities for years. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath's 'Gullu' Is An Internet Sensation. Have You Seen Pics Yet?

Surya Kumar Jhinkan Maharaj, a local seer, and eight other shareholders signed the registered deed for 1.25 bissas of land on June 20 to bury the dispute forever. Also Read - UP Shocker: Teenage Girl Found Hanging From Bridge in Deoria

The other signatories to the land deed are Ram Prakash Bablu, Ram Singar Pandey, Ram Shabad, Jiya Ram, Subhash Chandra, Rita Devi, Vindhyachal and Awadhesh Pandey.

“The land belonged to Hindus as per records. It is by the side of a graveyard and some Muslims have buried their dead on the land. There were disputes and tension. But now, we have settled the matter,” said Jhinkan Maharaj.

Vais Ansari, president of the Qabristan Committee said, “The deed is now in favour of the Qabristan Committee, Gosainganj and it will soon be entered in revenue records.”

Sub-registrar SB Singh, who confirmed the transfer of land to the Muslims for the graveyard, said, “It’s a gift from the Hindu community through a proper deed and stamp duty.”

Khabbu Tiwari, the local BJP MLA who took the initiative, said: “The tradition of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood here is not new. This was a small token of love from Hindus to Muslims. I hope this amity will continue.”

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