New Delhi: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday lambasted Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) for the continued presence of terror infrastructure in the form of training camps, launching pads and communication control stations.

Terror infrastructure in Pakistan and PoK remains in the form of training camps, launching pads and communication control stations. Financing from across the border for militants and separatists is also a cause of concern,” he said in a tweet.

In another post, he wrote,”The separatists also exploit every possible situation to agitate the people to fan further anti-India sentiments which lead to law and order situation. However, the stone pelting incidents have declined.”

Earlier on December 9, the Home Minister lashed out at Pakistan for its unacceptable ‘dual’ role and said ending terrorist activities was a pre-condition for any dialogue with the neighbouring country. “Promoting terrorist activities and entering into a dialogue for peace cannot run together,” he said.

Addressing the media, he said either Islamabad should stop aiding terrorist activities or express its commitment against terrorism with assurance that it would not allow it to grow in Pakistan. “If it finds difficult to control terrorist activities, why it is not seeking help from its neighbour India?” he had asked.

In October, he blamed Pakistan for the continuous terror incidents in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and said that the number has come down in comparison to the past. Accusing Pakistan, Singh said that the country has continuously been “promoting terrorism and sending terrorists in India”.

“Problems in Jammu and Kashmir are majorly due to Pakistan. As it has been isolated internationally, I hope it will change its way at some point. Even Islamic countries have spoken against it,” Singh said at the 16th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. He had said, “The situation has changed in the state as terror incidents have decreased to 370 or 360 cases that were approximately 6,000 in 1995.”