Nature calls are bound to happen anywhere without a prior notification. Also, necessity is the mother of invention. Thus these obvious logic addressed the need of the hour for accessible toilets. No matter how much a city is modern an beautiful, this problem resides everywhere.  This problem of urinating in public places, roadsides even pedestals inspired a group of students from Delhi to design an app to find nearby toilets.

These students addressing this huge problem came up with ‘Toilet Finder’ app to help one locate the nearest toilet convenience. This app is a initiative taken to add to the Clean India Mission. However the app is being used globally as well. The app helps you when you are on long trips or in a new city, whose whereabouts are least known to you. The app gives you turn by turn direction to reach the toilet. (ALSO READ: Mobile app for smooth traffic to be launched in Uttar Pradesh)


Toilet Finder also enables one to request for a toilet in you area and the request is forwarded to the concerned authorities which will set up toilet in your area. The app is a great way to contribute to the society and make it clean and healthy life for each and every one. According to the App Revelations website, Toilet Finder has already been downloaded 20,000 time and currently serves in  15 countries. Approximately 135 thousand toilets are mapped on the app.

The simple, innovative concept by App Revelations is indeed a revolution and certainly a step towards change. Toilet Finder is available on both Android and iOs devices and can be downloaded from Google play and App store respectively.

Spread the word and let us together keep the society clean.

image source: facebook