The one sure-shot way to ensure you’re the who’s who of this country is to appear in some textbook or the other. Better still, appear in an exam question and everyone will instantly know just how important you are! And looks like the Indian Air Force is now recognising the feats of Bollywood in their exam papers. And well, when you think of Bollywood, right at the top of the ladder is our very own Deepika Padukone. She’s simply stunning and if Shakespeare were alive, there sure’d be a sonnet or two on her. She’s completely owns us and our hearts and clearly, even the stoic members (and exam setters) of the Indian Air Force cannot resist her charms.

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Deepika, after steadily rising to the top in Bollywood is now all set to wow Hollywood. She’s already set to mark her debut with Vin Diesel in XXX: Return of Xander Cage. The lady has quite a few achievements under her hat and the one thing we love about her is her ability to stay strong and rise over the failures in her life. When her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor went for a toss, the lass maintained a dignified silence. She was even brave enough to open up about her struggles in life and admit to being a patient of depression – in a country where people consider you as “mental” or insane if you openly admit to any psychological disorder and fail to understand or accept you. She has only been an inspiration to us all.

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So then, we aren’t too surprised that the Indian Air Force members are equally impressed by Deepika and chose her to quiz students on. Not only has she given us brilliant gems of movies like Piku and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, she has also led the fight against depression in the country. Her roles are inspiring and a question on her only shows how the lady is winning at every aspect of life, not just Bollywood. Although the question on Deepika was a simple enough question and clearly, a part of General Knowledge that one might nee dot clear the entrance exam, there haven’t been too many Bollywood celebrity based questions before setting Deepika apart from her contemporaries. And this, is clearly, also a great achievement for Miss Padukone! After all, it ain’t easy to be a part of a syllabus in India!

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But the one thing we’re really trumped about is the fact that with all the fight over women’s rights going on in the country, the paper setters chose a leading Bollywood lady who is not only a pretty face but has great substance to herself too. We’ve often cribbed about how the importance is always given to actors with the men being treated as more important in the nation but here, with this one simple question, looks like the tide is changing. The women brigade is slowly getting more powerful and catching up and proving to the world that no, they cannot be kept shut for long and that they too deserve the same respect and love as men do. It might seem like a simple question on the face of it but the undercurrents beneath run deep.

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So then, enough of the rambling. What exactly was the question asked about Miss Padukone in the paper? It was a very simple question – you could try solving it – about her National Award. A Twitter user, totally excited about seeing Deepika in the papers quickly took a picture and shared it on Twitter where it has been creating waves. He even tagged Deepika in the pic hopeful of the lady responding but so far, his dream hasn’t come true. The question appeared in Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) on August 28th. Once the question was shared on Twitter, everyone has been going gaga over it and expressing their surprise and delight over the question and Miss Padukone’s achievement. Oh, and btw – the question? It was this – Deepika Padukone has received Filmfare award 2016 for the best actress in the movie?



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