The first step towards taking a stand against the perpetual sexual offenders is always going to be extremely difficult. But once you show guts and decide to act, the things are bound to get right. A foreigner, named Maryanna Abdo decided to take a strong stand against a pervert man who dared to masturbate at her in broad daylights of Mumbai. She posted her offender’s picture on Twitter and asked people to nab him. Well, now her bold act has drawn attention of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ensuring the man to be strictly reprimanded and punished. Also Read: This man who masturbated at a foreigner in broad daylight goes viral on Internet! See picture.

Maryanna Abdo has been having several conversations on Twitter since the shocking incident took place. There were many people who genuinely showed interest in nabbing down the culprit and one of them coming from Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Office. The post on Twitter share Maharashtra CMO read – @MaryAbdo Noted.CM @Dev_Fadnavis has directed Joint CP Deven Bharti to look into it.Please follow us so that we will DM you contact details. Also Read: Shocking! This man sent her a photo of his penis on Facebook. She made his genitals famous!

On August 17, Monday, Maryanna Abdo had posted a tweet on her micro-blogging account, sharing a picture of a man recounting her horrible experience. She wrote, “Please RT-this man just masturbated at me on the street in broad daylight. Ran away after a confrontation.” This incident took place with Abdo, a writer allegedly near the lane of Gateway of India. The Twitterati were furious by the man’s act with the post been retweeted over 2300 times. Meanwhile, the Twitterati is hailing the quick response from the Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.