This week was all about skincare and nutrition on Zee TV’s “Made in America”. The girls got a crash course in proper skin care and nutrition. All the girls were surprised to learn about their poor food choices and became aware of the effects of their harmful choices on their body.Also Read - Jack Ma says US-China trade war could last 20 years

Dr. Purvisha Patel is a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon from Memphis, Tennessee. She taught the girls about skincare like how to properly exfoliate and she even answered the girls’ questions regarding certain skin issues prevalent among South Asian women such as the predisposition of South Asian women to get dark circles. There was a quiz afterward which Priyadarshini shined in, Kanika also got a shout out from Dr. Patel. Also Read - Jack Ma says US-China trade war could last 20 years

Connecting the mind and body, nutritional coach Yael Shamir was the second guest for the day who challenged the girls regarding the skills of their mind. The girls had three riddles to solve in 3 minutes, Harindee, Ahana, and Priyadarshini had a tie breaking question which Ahana won. The next challenge the girls had was to bring three foods that they enjoy eating and Yael explained to the girls what foods were good and bad. The girls had to replace their unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks in 60 seconds from Yael’s kitchen. Kanika won this challenge as Yael thought she learned the most and applied the knowledge the best. Also Read - Imposing tariff on China not the right approach: US industry

The girls then had individual challenges with a scavenger hunt with different riddles they had to solve and figure out what ingredients each riddle was referring to.

Priyadarshini won the challenge with 4 points correct. Finally, after all her hard work, Priyadarshini was the winner of the week and got her one-on-one time with Nina. She got to open up about her weight-loss journey, struggling with family, and being bullied in school. Nina was, of course, supportive and shared her own struggles.

Next week the girls are showing off their talents and having a little fun before the finale! Stay tuned for all the action!