New Delhi/Patna, Nov 8: With the elections results favouring Nitish Kumar led Grand Alliace — so called Mahagatbandhan in Bihar Assembly elections — it clearly shows that people have found a new hero in the JD(U) leader. The voters they once again proved that they are no fools as politicians and political parties think of them. Nitish Kumar is on a hat-trick in a state where the politics was previously fought on the basis of caste. So has the Narendra Modi factor or wave working no more or has Nitish Kumar risen to the peak of his political career?

Looking at the data we have with us — where women have voted more in number than their male counterparts — clearly shows some clear pictures that they are not going to let pulses from their plates fade away, that they will not let their children migrate to other states for living, that they will not let the politicians polarise the peaceful environment, that they will not let the communal forces spoil the secular culture of Bihar and finally won’t let the propaganda overpower the issue of development. (ALSO READ: Bihar Assembly Election Results 2015 Live Updates: Grand Alliance leads on 163 seats, BJP+ 66)

People have shown their faith in their ‘Vikaash Purush’ (Development Persona) Nitish Kumar, who has not only changed the political scenario of Bihar, but also ensured that development reaches the grassroots and unprivileged people, who were thug during the General Elections in 2014 in the name of development and quality future. What Nitish did in last 10 years, perhaps that is the reason people have shown confidence in him.

Talking about the issues during the political campaigns — which started from development of Bihar to beef ban to reservation policies to dirty blame games, by even calling each other as ‘Shaitaan’ (Devil) or ‘Narbhakshi’ (maneater) — every other political party tried their best to secure their seat and replicate their alliance in the make or break election. The battle for Bihar is a slap on the face of parties who try to win people’s confidence by thinking people are fools and they do not have brains to analyse what is the meaning of development. (ALSO READ: Bihar Assembly Election Results 2015: After Delhi, Narendra Modi and BJP read it wrong in Bihar too)

The win of Nitish Kumar is not only the win of Grand Alliance — which constitutes another firebrand mass leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and energetic Congress’ youth leader Rahul Gandhi — but also the win of crores of people who were insulted time and over again when they were called underdeveloped, uneducated, uncivilised, underprivileged and fools. This is not only the rise of Nitish Kumar — “a  Bihari” — but the rise of crores of people who believe in themselves and believe they can bring change. Its high time, Bhartiya Janata Party and its alliance rise above communal issues and “Hindutva”. They should realise one can be fooled once or twice, but not everytime. People need change, but not at the cost of pity politics and rising intolerance.