Mussorie, April 10: In a surprising turn of events, 11-year-old singing child prodigy and reality show The Voice Kids finalist Shekinah Mukhiya took admission in Dehradun’s all boys Col Brown Cambridge School. This interesting episode took place after Mukhiya was denied admission by her own school, St. Thomas College, for having short attendance. St. Thomas College held its ground and denied the 11-year-old admission and even refused to promote her from class 6 to 7 because of her attendance.

Mukhiya made Dehradun proud when the bundle of talent became one of the six finalists in the singing reality show- The Voice Kids. But the little girl’s achievements didn’t seem to have any effect on her school. The girl’s parents being teachers at the all-boys Col Brown Cambridge School approached the latter and this school did make an exception and went out of its way to accept Mukhiya as a Class 7 student. Mukhiya is elated with this development as she says,”I am just happy. I want to be a singer and I also want to complete my studies on time.”

The school, that has wholly embraced Mukhiya as its student, is ensuring that the girl is comfortable in an all-boys school. From being given access to a toilet in the staff room to allowing her to stay on campus with her parents, Col Brown Cambridge School is making sure to give space to the budding talent to grow. Although, she has to compromise on one thing though and that is her school dress. Mukhiya will have to dress as her peers do, that is, white shirt with green stripes and dark green pants.

Speaking on accepting Mukhiya as a student in an all boys school and thereby breaking stereotypes, school’s proctor Indu Bala Singh said the girl was given admission as the school did not just focus on academics but also recognized a child’s talent. Elaborating, Singh said that it was the first time that Col Brown Cambridge had accepted a girl student. Singh who is also an alumnus of the same school said she, along with her sister Charu Bala Singh, were pass outs of the same school.