New Delhi: Two persons in their late forties have been arrested from Delhi for allegedly spoofing Union home minister Amit Shah’s residential and official landline number.

On December 20, Haryana power minister Ranjit Singh Chautala received a call from an app, Crazy Call, which is reportedly banned in India. The caller claimed that he was calling from Amit Shah’s residence and sought a donation of Rs 3 crore towards the party fund. The minister started suspecting something foul when he received repeated calls with the same demand. He approached Amit Shah’s office for enquiry and came to know that no such calls were made to him. An FIR was then lodged.

Though the App is banned in India, it can be downloaded through the browser, police said.

The duo, as reported by the Indian Express, met three months ago and came up with this plan inspired by crime-related TV shows. One of the accused holds a PhD degree.