New Delhi: Coronavirus will enter an endemic stage in India in the next six months, according to an expert. What this essentially means is Covid-19 will become more manageable if the disease approaches the endemic status. “This pandemic has defied most of our predictions but in the next six months, we will approach endemic status,” the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Chief Sujeet Singh told NDTV in an exclusive interview. At a time when threat of a third wave looms large, the news comes as a relief for India’s health infrastructure which has been prepping for the upcoming phase of the disease taking lessons from the devastating second wave when the new cases peaked at 3,92,000.Also Read - Third Wave of Corona in India: When is it Expected And What it May Look Like?

Is a new variant of Covid-19 enough to cause a third wave?

The NCDC Director further confirmed that there is no new variant in India, adding that just a new strain cannot cause a third wave. “Just a new variant cannot cause a third wave. The factor will be a mix of behaviour and antibodies. There is some worry because of the festival season,” Dr Singh told NDTV.

“Vaccine biggest protection”

The expert stressed the importance of getting vaccinated calling it the biggest protection against the coronavirus. He urged people to follow Covid guidelines post-vaccination too.

When can 3rd wave hit India?

Meanwhile, a geneticist of Banaras Hindu University’s Zoology department predicted that a third Wave of Covid-19 is expected to hit India after at least three months. He claimed that it won’t be as deadly as the second wave especially for those who are fully vaccinated or cured of the virus.

Speaking exclusively to Aaj Tak, Professor Gyaneshwer Chaubey asserted that the ongoing vaccination drive will help in preventing the spread of the virus.

Prior to this, former ICMR scientist Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar had stated that chances of having a nationwide third wave are ‘very low’.