New Delhi: A protest broke out outside University College in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, after a third-year graduate student was stabbed in a clash between members of Students’ Federation of India (SFI) and other students on Friday noon.

The injured who has been identified as Akhil, was rushed to the General Hospital after sustaining injuries in the chest area, where he was given necessary first aid. He and two other injured were then shifted to the Medical College.

According to local reports, Akhil along with a few more students got into a brawl with SFI members at the college canteen around 12:00 PM. The brawl then led to a full-blown campus fight causing Akhil to be stabbed twice below his chest.

Following the incident, students of University College, which is SFI’s bastion, organised a protest demanding action against the SFI members.

“We are all supporters of the SFI, but today the 13 unit members in the college are acting like fascists. None can freely move around the college and if we sit around a tree or sing songs, we are abused beaten and chased away,” one of the protesting students told news agency IANS.

Reacting to the situation, SFI President VP Sanu addressed the media saying that they have decided to completely dismiss the SFI unit from the college.

Meanwhile, University College Principal K. Viswambharan tried to play down the incident, saying he was busy with new admissions and is yet to find out what occurred. He also asked the media to clear out from the college campus and threatened to call the police.

With IANS inputs