New Delhi: BJP MLA Gopal Bhargava raised eyebrows with his analogy recently, when he said that the incident over the marriage of Sakshi Misra, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Misra, to a Dalit man and Ajitesh Kumar will lead to increase in female infanticide in the country.Also Read - Remembering Atal Bihari Vajpayee: 10 Profound Quotes By This Great Statesman

Taking to Twitter for the same, Bhargava tweeted in Hindi, “I think with such news reports there will be an unprecedented rise in female infanticide and a skewed gender ratio… There will be illegal abortions in nursing homes and private hospitals.” Also Read - Maharashtra cabinet: CM Eknath Shinde Keeps Urban Development; Devendra Fadnavis Gets Home, Finance

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Days ago, Sakshi Misra released a video along with her husband, claiming that the couple face a threat to their lives from her father.

In the video, Sakshi is seen saying that because she married Ajitesh against the wishes of her family in a temple, she faces threat to her life from her father. “My father will kill me and my husband if he finds us. He cannot tolerate his daughter marrying a boy from a Dalit family. My father’s men are trying to track us,” she is seen saying.

To this, her father and BJP MLA Rajesh Misra said that he was not against his daughter’s marriage to a Dalit youth, Ajitesh Kumar, but his main concern was that the boy was nine years elder to his daughter.

“As a father, I am naturally concerned about my daughter’s future. I want them to return home,” he told reporters.

In a written statement, he said that his daughter was an adult and was well within her rights to take her own decisions. The MLA further said, “I am busy with my party work and membership drive and I have not said a word to my daughter. These allegations are false,” he said.

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