Everyday, thousands of Indians use autos and taxis as their mode of transport to get to their offices, colleges or just for personal travel. However, the one common grouse that each one of these people have is that the drivers are not only rude and refuse passengers but at times even fleece them by charging them way above the meter rates. For people new to the region or those taking the route for the first time, there’s no way to know if the route being taken is the correct one, the long one or the one the driver will benefit from the most. With a rise in private app-based transport services like Uber and Ola, the situation is changing though not to a great extent. However, the advent of these services has definitely made a dent in the pockets of the auto and taxi drivers.

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The drivers have been protesting against these services since long. They state that the residents are now just using Uber and Ola and completely ignoring the public transport services. The auto and taxi drivers have been quite vocal in their protests against these new systems. Many times, the fares of these private owned services are either the same as or marginally more than those provided by the public transport services. This causes a further dent in the pockets of the auto and taxi drivers as even people from the middle class can afford Uber and Ola. There have been constant tiffs between the Unions of these public transport services and the government where the former has blamed the latter for the rise in Ola and Uber and turning a blind ear to their plight. They have even gone on strikes as a sign of protest and demanded that such services be banned.

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But as much as we sympathise with the drivers, is gheir fight right? There are many drivers who are genuinely good and never refuse passengers, overcharge them or tamper with their meters but unfortunately, they form the minority. The people are completely harassed by these drivers and their bossy attitudes. And what this one student did was something very simple – and yet, it might finally drive home the point that the drivers need to change or their means of living will cease to exist with their shoddy attitudes. Dhruv Souran is a Mumbaikar and is currently studying at Mumbai University where he is pursuing his Masters in Communication and Journalism.

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It was a normal day for Dhruv as he got ready to go to work in the morning. He is a resident of Juhu and wished to 7 Bungalows. He asked an auto driver who flatly refused to take him and as is the norm, gave no reason for the same. Dhruv was already getting late and needed the auto urgently. He stood on the road and flagged another auto that was passing by but once again got the same response. The third guy did not even look at him and just went past. Desolate, he decided to try one more time but fhe 4th rejection was just too much. Finally frustrated, Dhruv completely gave up on the autos and decided he had had enough. Meanwhile, the first auto driver he approached was still waiting there and looking at Dhruv desperately trying to get an auto without budging or despite seeing his desperation, changing his initial decision.

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When Dhruv flipped out his phone, he knew what he wanted to do. He simply walked up to the auto driver standing there, opened the Uber app right in front of him and showed him literally how easy it was to book a cab, irrespective of the distance. There were no refusals and the cab reached you on time. It was completely effortless and really, really simple. Also, there would be no haggling and no fake charges. It was quick, convenient and super easy. He then told the driver just why they were losing their business was their own fault and not the fault of these private services and unless they changed their attitude or improved, their business would keep going to Ola and Uber.

He shared his post on Facebook sharing the incident in detail and this is what the post said:

Yesterday morning, I asked an auto rickshaw driver if he will take me to Seven Bungalows. As usual, he refused, and just stood there. Then I asked another passing auto rickshaw…he too refused and ran off. I asked a third one, he did not even bother to stop. Still, clinging on to dear hope, I requested one more empty auto…he just went off even without bothering to say “No”.
Then I turned towards the first auto guy, who was standing there watching my futile efforts nonchalantly. I showed him my Uber app, and booked a cab within 30 secs, though with a nominal surge. Then I told him in Hindi that he should remember the past 10 minutes that he saw, when the auto unions go on strike this Monday. I tried 4 autos and then booked an Uber at surge price.
Inferences for the moron(s):
1. The business that the autos lose is not because of Uber/Ola. The fact is that the business that Uber/Ola get is because of the auto rickshaw drivers.
2. A thing the auto guys need to remember – A Mumbaikar has enough money, but no time. So he will take an Uber immediately if you idiots waste his time.
3. Begging every morning for Auto guys to do their duties is not a Mumbaikar’s idea of starting his day.
4. Union’s won’t get you your passengers back. Commitment will. And yes….strikes will just drive the customers further away from you, morons.
5. Auto Strike is awesome. Makes my Mumbai beautiful.
And finally….an inference for the Government. Especially IF YOU, MY FRIEND, SHARE THIS POST :
If the government bows to the unions pressure for the votebank of autowallahs(half of them are anyway illegal)…you lose my vote for sure…and I am a part of that largely ignored but nevertheless huge votebank called COMMON MAN….whom the Congress just noticed in the last elections.
– A Mumbaikar.


His post instantly went viral with over 12k shares in just 3 days and many people all over India are agreeing to him and commenting how the post strikes a chord with them. Everyone has experienced a disgruntled driver at least once and on using Ola and Uber and realising how easy it is, no one really wants to go back.


What do you think? You agree with Dhruv?


Recently, a person by the name of Madhav Vijay, contacted us via Facebook and informed us that the post, which has been going viral is actually his post and that it had been merely copied by Dhruv Souran and passed off as his status update without any credits to Madhav. Both the posts have been shared on the same day, on August 28th, but on checking both their accounts, it is clear that Madhav’s post was shared previously, at 6:15 AM while Dhruv’s came later in the day at 3:07 PM. Since the post originally belongs to Madhav and it is actually a case of plagiarism by Dhruv, we would like to apologise to him. Also, attached below is the original post by Madhav. We would also like to add that India.com does not support plagiarism in any form.