New Delhi: Foreign liquors will soon become cheaper than their current prices in Delhi ahead of Diwali. This is in accordance with the new excise policy of the Delhi government which was approved in July. The government had decided to seek undertakings from the principal importers to fix the wholesale prices of the imported brands.

Now as the importers have reduced the base price on brands like Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s Finest and Absolut Vodka, the retail price after levying excise duty and taxes will come down a lot.

According to a TOI report, a 750ml bottle of Absolut Vodka will cost Rs 1,400 instead of the current Rs 1,800. Ballantine will cost Rs 1,350 instead of Rs 1,800. Chivas Regal will cost Rs 2,800 instead of Rs 3,850.

The aim was to keep foreign liquor prices in Delhi on a par with Haryana so that instances of smuggling of foreign liquors from other states to Delhi can be prevented.

Foreign liquors were costlier in Delhi than Haryana because of the higher base prices, excise duty, and other taxes. Johnnie Walker Black Label’s 750 ml bottle, one of the highest selling brands of blended scotch in India, is priced at Rs 3,900 in Delhi, but in Gurugram, it is available for Rs 2,300. Similarly, a bottle of 750 ml of Chivas Regal is priced at Rs 3,850 in Delhi. In Gurugram, however, it sells only for Rs 2,400 in the Millenium City, said a report.

According to the report, the importers took some time to resolve the pricing issue. But finally, some importers have already registered and so cheaper foreign liquor will be available in Delhi soon.

Getting liquor from Haryana to Delhi is absolutely illegal even if it’s meant for personal consumption. If caught, one can be arrested.