New Delhi: About 67 cloned ATM cards have been recovered from a gang that has been operating in broad daylight in Delhi for the past few months. Three persons have been arrested.

According to a TOI report, the accused have been identified as Shrehansh Nitin Kothadia, Anubhav Nayak and Dilshad — all natives of Mumbai. Apart from the cloned cards, one skimming machine, two spy cameras an MSR writer to write the data on the empty card and a laptop were also recovered from their possession. The gang was arrested near Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminus.

The modus operandi of the gang has also come to the fore following interrogation. Police found out that the gang operates across the country. Not all ATM machines are their prey. They look for some specific ATM machines with which their machinery are compatible. Once they trace the specific ATM machine, they install their skimming machine and spy camera so that when the user comes and types the pin, the camera captures it even if it’s covered.

The Mumbai police have been informed, said police.