New Delhi: Days after senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan turned emotional and broke down while narrating his ordeal at an election rally, BJP leader and one of his arch rivals hit out at him saying,’it is the curse of a woman’s tears’. “He is now crying in every public meeting, he used to call me a good actress, but what is he doing now? This is a curse of the tears women have shed because of him,” said the actor-turned politician.

A couple of days ago, while canvassing for his wife and Samajwadi Party candidate from Rampur Tazeen Fatima for the upcoming Assembly by-polls in Uttar Pradesh, Khan cried and halted several times, speaking about UP government’s action against him in the land grabbing and other cases.

Azam Khan is currently facing a slew of criminal cases in connection with land encroachments by the Mohammad Ali Jauhar University. Khan is presently booked in 84 cases with charges that include land grabbing, encroachment, theft of books, statues, buffaloes, and goats, and forgery.

Referring to multiple cases of land grabbing that have been registered against him, Khan had said,”I am being termed a criminal because I am your lawyer. I was framed because I fought for the general public and the general good. My crime is that I opened schools and colleges to ensure that your children get good education and I am being called a thief for this. If I lose these institutions, then I will be left with nothing.”

“This BJP government believes that I am a thief and should be hanged. According to them, I have stolen books, statues, goats, buffaloes, land but they do not know that I have also stolen your hearts and I am proud of this”, the SP leader had said.