Bhopal: In a bizarre case, a lawyer from Madhya Pradesh’s Dindori has been found to be eating glass since the past 40-45 years. Yes, you heard that right!

Not only that, he calls his glass eating habit an “addiction”.

Talking to news agency ANI, Dayaram Sahu stated that the habit has caused damage to his teeth and that he would not suggest anyone to eat glass as it was “dangerous for health.”

“It’s an addiction for me. This habit has caused damage to my teeth. I wouldn’t suggest others to follow as it’s dangerous for health. I have reduced eating it now,” he said.

In a video put up by ANI, the lawyer can be seen taking pieces of glass from a tray and chewing them with much ease.

Get ready to have a stomach-churning feeling while watching the video below.

Watch at your own risk: