Three more buildings collapsed on Tuesday following Kolkata East West Metro works in Kolkata’s Bowbazar area. These three buildings suffered substantial damage and tilted after cracks appeared in several buildings along the Durga Pituri Lane and Shakrapara Lane.

On Sunday, residents of Bowbazar were left shaken after cracks appeared and walls of buildings started collapsing due to the ongoing work on the Kolkata East West Metro.

Experts and engineers working on the project – which is being deemed as India’s technological marvel considering the underwater metro tunnel passing through the river Hooghly suggest that water leaking into the tunnel resulted in a cave in.

Portions of the road connecting BB Ganguly Street, Durga Pituri Lane and Shakrapara, which houses hundreds of houses and several jewellery shops, experienced a road cave-in.

As many as 350 people belonging to 50 families who reside in the vicinity were evacuated and shifted to nearby hotels. Future of hundreds hangs in the balance as most people belonging to affected families had to run for life leaving behind all their valuables and belongings.

On Tuesday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee chaired a high-level meeting with Kolkata East West Metro officials, state ministers and family members of the affected.

While Metro authorities promised to build new houses and shops, the Chief Minister announced that the government will extend all help to the affected.

“All affected residents will be given a temporary residence in the building owned by Metro authorities near Gems Cinema hall. Those who wish to stay in their own accommodation, rent will be provided to them by the Metro authorities. Business owners who had their shops collapsed and damaged will be given compensation on a monthly basis. We have installed CCTV cameras in the area to ensure valuables and belongings are not lost. Those who have lost Adhaar card, ration card and other documents must contact our control room,” said Banerjee.

As reported by Pooja Mehta.