New Delhi: At a time when the whole nation is witnessing rising protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar on Tuesday slammed Pakistan for adopting a resolution on the CAA. Kumar stated that Pakistan is doing this to divert attention from Islamabad’s ‘persecution’ of its own religious minorities.

“We call upon Pakistan to engage in serious self-introspection rather than to falsely accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of,” MEA’s Raveesh Kumar stated.

He said it should now be clear to the entire world that this is an established pattern of his (Pakistan PM Imran Khan) habitual and compulsive abuse of global forums.

“Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has once again peddled familiar falsehoods at a multilateral platform to advance his narrow political agenda by making gratuitous and unwarranted remarks on matters entirely internal to India,” he stated.

He said the resolution which was adopted by Pakistan’s National Assembly on Monday (on Citizenship Amendment Act) makes references to matters that are entirely the internal affairs of India. “We categorically reject the resolution of Pakistan,” he stated,

The statement from the MEA comes after Pakistan PM Imran Khan while addressing the Global Forum on Refugees in Geneva said that ‘millions of Muslims could flee’ India due to the ‘curfew’ in Kashmir and India’s new citizenship law, leading to a refugee crisis that would dwarf other crises.

Slamming Pakistan further, Kumar said the country for the last 72 years has systematically persecuted all its minorities, forcing most of them to flee to India.