Oops. Looks like the daily is facing the heat again! This time around, it’s not in relation to some big Bollywood celeb but rather, for their shoddy reporting of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Indian tour. William and Kate are in India for a brief stint and during their stay, they’re doing all the things a good and privileged foreigner would do – from visiting memorials to helping the underprivileged. However, there was one instance when they were at the India Gate at the Amar Jawan Jyoti where they would present a wreath in respect of the soldiers who laid down their lives for the nation. Also Read - You are a cork floating in ocean but in cradle of nature: Irrfan on cancer

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However, unfortunately, it was a gusty afternoon and Kate’s dress was blowing all over thanks to the wind. However, the princess carried on the solemn task without any complaints and no one present at the event thought anything of it – after all, haven’t we all faced the situation at one point or the other? That was, until one Times of India scribe decided to capture the image and make it Kate Middleton’s own Marilyn Monroe moment. The only difference was Kate wasn’t staring into the camera, smiling and posing but was intent on finishing the task and paying a tribute to our soldiers. But then hey, a journalist’s gotta cover all angles, right TOI? Also Read - Much awaited Times Sanskruti Art Festival to come in few days

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The daily faced huge backlash on Twitter for trying to pass off the photo right on the front page as part of “journalism”. After their cleavage controversy with Deepika Padukone, this is the second time TOI has faced the public ire for trying to be sleazy and resorting to forcing cheapness in a situation which did not warrant it. Here’s some of the most interesting tweets from the twitterati that troll Times of India and their whole approach to yellow journalism.

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