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  • 7:00 PM IST
    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: All Indian Police Service and Provincial Police Service officers of the Punjab Police condemned the brutal attack on officers of Delhi Police in the strongest possible terms. News agency ANI quoted the Punjab police officers as saying, “We call for exemplary action against those responsible for such assaults.”
  • 6:06 PM IST

    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: The Gujarat Indian Police Service Association on Wednesday unanimously condemned the violence against Delhi police officers at Tis Hazari Court on November 2. “We express our solidarity with Delhi police officers and appeal for exemplary action against the people responsible for violence,” said the association, as per news agency ANI.

  • 5:32 PM IST
    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: The Delhi High Court further remarked that a judicial inquiry panel, which was set up to look into the Tis Hazari clash, will continue to function without any influence of the observation made by this court.
  • 5:30 PM IST
    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: Declining to clarify or modify its order passed on Sunday in connection to the Tis Hazari clash between lawyers and police, the Delhi High court said its order was self-explanatory in nature.
  • 3:41 PM IST

    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: Delhi High Court dismisses application filed by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) seeking clarification of the High Court’s November 2 order on the violent clash between police and lawyers in Tis Hazari Court. The HC has also dismissed another application of Police seeking permission to lodge FIR against lawyers in the Saket District Court incident.

  • 3:40 PM IST

    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: “Media should be restrained from reporting this matter as they are showing us in negative light,” the BCI states amid utter chaos in the court proceeding.

  • 3:29 PM IST

    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: “We don’t want to precipitate the matter. We bow down to their demand of peace,” says BCI stating that they have no objections to the demands of the Delhi Police. The Bar Council asserted that the police must not lodge any further FIR without taking the permission of the court.

  • 3:25 PM IST

    Tis Hazari Clash LIVE: Hearing on the Ministry of Home Affairs application seeking clarification on Delhi High Court’s order regarding the Tis Hazari Court incident (police & lawyers clash of November 2), has begun in the Court.

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  • 2:40 PM IST

    CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar reacts to the ongoing scuffle in a series of tweets recollecting a past incident from 2016 when he was arrested in a sedition case. “When I and some media persons were attacked by some lawyers in the court premises, then the government gave the prize to both the attack lawyers and the police chief who gave the attack. That is why even today we are not against any profession but in favor of justice,” he says.

New Delhi: The violent clash between lawyers and cops in Delhi has entered the third day of protest on Wednesday after a riot-like situation broke out outside Tis Hazari court on November 2.

Neither side appears to temper down as a group of lawyers were seen raising slogans against the police to the chants of “Delhi Police haye haye“.

Moreover, a lawyer raised the alarm as he attempted to commit suicide outside the Rohini court this morning. If reports are to be believed, the lawyer, who was identified as Ashish, poured kerosene over himself and threatened to jump off the court building.

The lawyers’ demonstration comes a day after hundreds of police personnel sat in protest outside Delhi Police headquarters at ITO for over 11 hours revolting the attack on their colleagues outside Tis Hazari Court last week and on Monday outside Saket district court.

Notably, the protest emerged into a citywide demonstration as families of the protesting police personnel along with several retired policemen walked till India Gate to stand in solidarity. Consecutively, protests were also taking place near the Pitampura police line.

On November 2, at least 20 police personnel and several lawyers were injured after a parking row between police personnel and lawyers escalated leading to violence and arson at the Tis Hazari Court complex.

The lawyers alleged that the police fired at them. Defending itself, the Delhi police in a statement said, “In order to ensure the safety of undertrials, we fired in the air. The circumstances in which one of the lawyers suffered a bullet injury is being investigated.”