New Delhi: India may soon start the mass rollout of Coronavirus vaccine as transportation of the shots is likely to begin today or tomorrow. As per government sources, Centre has allowed passenger aircraft to transport vaccines. Pune will be the central hub from where vaccine distribution will take place. A total of 41 destinations across the country have been finalised for delivery of vaccine shots, the sources further stated. Also Read - Israeli Rabbi Makes Bizarre Claim, Tells His Followers That COVID-19 Vaccine Will Turn People Gay

Initially, vaccines will be transported into three hubs located in three different zones across the country. For northern India, Delhi and Karnal will be made mini hubs. For the eastern region, Kolkata will be the hub, it will also be a nodal point for the northeast. Chennai & Hyderabad will be designated points for southern India, the sources further informed. Also Read - Robots to Be Used for Delivering Essentials to Covid-19 Patients at Assam Hospital

The Health Ministry had on Tuesday said that the government is ready to introduce the COVID-19 vaccine within 10 days from the date of emergency use authorization. Also Read - 2.2 Lakh People Given COVID Vaccine So Far; 447 Adverse Events Reported: Health Ministry

In case, you all are wondering how the vaccine shots will reach recipients, we have got you covered. Check the full procedure below:

Step 1: There are four primary vaccine depots: Mumbai, Karnal, Chennai, and Kolkata. These primary depots will receive vaccines directly from manufacturers.

Step 2: Now, the next step includes sending supplies from the 4 primary depots to 37 state vaccine stores.

Step 3: The vaccines will now reach the distribution chain. These stores will supply to vaccination stores.

Step 4: From district stores, vaccine shots will reach primary health centers & sub-centers, which are actual sites for vaccination for the targeted population of 3 crores.