New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Sunday issued a code of conduct and warned that those who give talaq (divorce) without ‘Sharia’ (Islamic law) reasons will face social boycott. Also Read - Maharashtra Man Booked For Giving Triple Talaq to Wife Over Phone

While talking to reporters, AIMPLB General Secretary Maulana Wali Rehmani  said, “A code of conduct for talaq is being issued. With its help, the real picture of Shariat directives will be brought out on the talaq issue. If talaq is given without Shariat reasons, those involved will be socially boycotted.” Also Read - Babri Masjid Demolition Verdict: VHP Says ‘Victory of Truth’, Muslim Body to Challenge it in High Court | Key Points

As per the board, an appeal has been issued to all maulanas and imams of mosques which ask them to read out the code of conduct during Friday ‘namaz’ and emphasise on its implementation. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh Shocker: 10-Year-Old Girl Married Off to Rapist, Given Triple Talaq

Read the complete code of conduct here: 

  • Muslim couples should try to sort out their differences by themselves. If they fail to settle their dispute, they should attempt temporary separation.
  • If both options fail to work couple should involve family members for reconciliation and arbitration.
  • If mediation also fails to work, the husband can give one talaq to his wife and leave her for the period of Iddat (In Islam Iddat is the period a woman, which she observes after the death of her spouse or after a divorce) for any reconciliation. During Iddat if the husband does not contact, the marriage is dissolved.
  • If the wife is pregnant, the period of Iddat will continue, and, in the case of talaq, the husband will not only have to return the mehar (promised at the time of marriage) but also will have to bear the cost of the period of Iddat.
  • Couple can have a ‘nikah’ (marriage) again with mutual consent, if reconciliation is done after Iddat.
  • The husband should give talaq, not in one go, but once a month. The marriage would, however, continue if reconciliation is done in the third month.
  • Those using triple talaq recklessly and without justification should be made to face social boycott
  • If the woman does not want to live with her husband, she is allowed to dissolve the marriage on the grounds of ‘Khula’.