New Delhi, July 23: In trying to justify the practice of Triple Talaq, a Samajwadi Party leader Riyaz Ahmed on Monday said that it was a way of preventing a husband from killing his wife. He further said that if a wife has illicit relations with another man, then the husband can either kill her or give her triple talaq.

“Shariat says Talaq should be given in three stages. Whereas, triple talaq has been kept as an option. For eg., if you find your wife in a compromising situation with another man, what will you do? You will either kill her or give triple talaq to get rid of her,” ANI reported Riyaz Ahmed as saying.

Meanwhile, Riyaz also said that if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wishes well for the Muslim women then they should give a separate reservation of 8 per cent to them; he said this while speaking at an event in Bareilly, Zee reported.

Riyaz Ahmed had made headlines in the past also for controversial his statements. In 2014, in a scathing attack to BJP’s Varun Gandhi and Union minister Maneka Gandhi, he said, “Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi have never voted in Pilibhit. They have been casting their vote in Delhi. It’s a big insult to the people of Pilibhit. For the past 30 years, people in Pilibhit are being used like condoms,” Zee quoted Riyaz Ahmed as saying during a public meeting.