New Delhi: A 36-year-old man died on Wednesday due to injuries sustained in a mob attack on Tuesday night in Raishyabari area of Dhalai district in Tripura, after he was thrashed on suspicion of cattle theft.

The man, a suspected thief, was caught around 11 PM, as per police reports. However, by the time the police rescued him from the spot, he had been severely injured by a mob.

“We went to the spot and found that the public had beaten him up. We took him to hospital but he died around 3.30 am today,” said Suleman Reang, officer-in-charge of Raishyabari police station.

According to some reports, the man was hiding in a cowshed when he was found by some villagers. After the owner started to beat him, more people joined and thrashed him brutally.

A case has been registered in this matter.