New Delhi: United President Donald Trump is coming for the first official visit to India, but this is not his first visit to India. According to reports, Indian is home to the largest portfolio of Trump real estate projects outside North America. And for his business interests, he made trips to India before. Donald Trump’s business ventures include four luxury residential projects and an office tower, all branded with the Trump name under licensing deals. There are trump towers in Pune, Mumbai while Gurgaon, Kolkata are destinations for his future projects. Panchsil Reality, Pune, Lodha Group, Mumbai, M3M India, Gurgaon, IREO, Gurgaon are Trump’s business partners in India. Also Read - Amritsar Man Designs Colourful ‘Namaste Trump’ Kites Ahead Of Donald Trump’s India Visit

Donald Trump has strong Bollywood connections too. In 2014, when he came to India for business purpose, he met Bollywood celebrities. In his Atlantic city casino which was called Trump Taj Mahal, Bollywood events had taken place earlier. Also Read - Special Gujarati Tea, Broccoli Samosa For Donald Trump, Melania in Ahmedabad

Trump has several other India connections. Yes, there are many organisations which religiously pray for Donald Trump, but then there are some individuals. Like Indian-American industrialist Shalabh Kumar who was one of Trump’s biggest financial backers. He had donated 1.1 million dollars to Donald Trump’s election campaign. Also Read - Namaste Trump: What is Donald Trump Nagarik Abhivadan Samiti? Who Are the Members?

Then there is Hemant Bhatt who hails from Vadodara and founded campaigns like Hindus For Trump. He also runs a portal by the name of

Though Donald Trump won’t be able to meet all his friends in his 36 hours, surely he has many friends in India.