New Delhi: Two Air India flights suffered from intense mid-air turbulence this week — to the extent that the commode of one of the lavatories got ripped off. Also Read - MHA Panel Discusses Air India Disinvestment, Privatisation Plans

The bizarre thing took place early this week on A320 aircraft which was flying from Delhi to Vijayawada. Also Read - Air India Orders Full Inquiry Into Technical Glitch Faced by Ram Nath Kovind's Flight

According to reports, when the aircraft hit turbulence, inflight meal services were on. There was no warning to stop the services and all of a sudden the meal trays tumbled off creating a mess on the aisle and triggering panic among the flyers. The aircraft reportedly dropped so suddenly that a commode in one of the lavatories came off. Cabin crew sustained injuries.

Hitting turbulence is not uncommon this season, but this particular case has been extreme.

AI048, the other flight that suffered from another turbulence, was flying from Delhi to Trivandrum via Kochi.

“Air India’s flight AI 048 hit air turbulence when it was on the way from Kochi to Trivandrum. Though no injury has been reported, the A321 aircraft suffered minor damages. It was grounded immediately after landing for inspection. Due to this, the return flight was delayed by nearly four hours,” an official said to PTI.

Both the incidents were reported to the safety department of the airlines.

“There have been no injuries to passengers or crew members in both incidents. Pictures circulated on social networking sites have to be checked for their authenticity. However, since it has been brought to the notice of the airline, investigations on Delhi-Vijaywada flight — that went unreported on the day of the incident — will begin from Monday,” Kumar said to the Hindustan Times.

At a time when Air India is going through the process of privatisation, several incidents of lapses in services making headlines.

Recently, President Ram Nath Kovind’s flight from Zurich to Slovenia was delayed by three hours as AI Boeing 747 developed a last-minute snag.