New Delhi: Parliamentary committee on Thursday grilled officials of Twitter and raised issues of blocking of the account of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in November 2020 as well as misrepresentation of the Indian map by the micro-blogging site. Twitter said that Shah’s account was temporarily locked due to an “inadvertent error” and the decision was reversed immediately. Also Read - From Passion to Books, Beauty & Food: This is What Indian Women Are Talking About on Twitter

During the interaction with Twitter representatives, some members, mostly from the ruling BJP, raised the issue of the platform locking the account of Shah for a short period late last year, sources said after the meeting. Also Read - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Puts His 1st Tweet on Sale, Bid Reaches Rs 2 Crore

Some BJP members questioned the fact-checking mechanism at Twitter and wondered how the account of the country’s home minister was locked. Also Read - Neither Badminton Nor Tennis, Amol Gupte Reveals What Trolled Saina Poster Really Stands For

Shah’s Twitter display picture was removed by Twitter in response to a “report from the copyright holder”.

Committee members also flagged the issue of Twitter misrepresenting the Indian map, a member said.

When some members asked the basis of on which Twitter was removing contents and blocking accounts the company representatives said they want to create a “healthy platform”. But some members were not satisfied and sought details on how decisions were made to block some accounts and leave others, a member said.

Further, the parliamentary standing committee on Information Technology has interacted separately with representatives of Facebook, Twitter and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on the issue of safeguarding citizens’ rights, preventing misuse of social news media platforms and women security in the digital space.

(With agency inputs)