New Delhi: Twitter on Friday informed its users that a ‘bad actor’ inserted into its app a ‘malicious code’ which may have compromised their information worldwide. Twitter users from India, too, have been affected by the said code.

In a statement on its blog, the San Francisco-based social media giant further revealed that the code was found within Twitter for Android, and could allow the ‘bad actor’ to see non-public account information or to even control a Twitter account.

There was no issue with Twitter for iOS, the company said.

In an email to its users, it informed them that it recently fixed an issue which could have compromised their Twitter account. The company added that although it did not have evidence that the users’ personal data was misused, it also couldn’t confirm that the data wasn’t misused.

Additionally, in order to secure the account, the company advised the users to update it to the latest version of Twitter for Android. Apologising for the development, the email further said that the users could also contact Twitter’s Office of Data Protection to request for information regarding account security.

The new Twitter data breach was reported just two days after several Indian users reported seeing warning pop-ups from Google on their mobile and desktop screens on opening certain affected websites in the Google Chrome browser, thus alerting them over a possible data breach.

In October, Facebook-owned WhatsApp had revealed that an Israeli firm had used a spyware called Pegasus to spy on several people across four continents. The people targeted were mostly journalists, dissenters, human rights activists etc., including those from India.