New Delhi: Two international flights were on the verge of colliding with each other as both the airlines were seconds apart, however, the ‘collision avoidance system’ came into effect and pulled the aircraft off. This happened on Friday afternoon over Mumbai skies.

“At 1:40 PM, Mumbai air traffic control (ATC) asked the Ethihad flight to climb to 33,000 feet. During climb, this aircraft came almost face-to-face with AF 253 coming from the opposite direction. The two aircraft were 3 nautical miles away, seconds apart, from each other,” a source told Times of India.

However, the tragedy was circumvented as the “traffic collision avoidance systems” equipment kicked in, leading to pilots of the respective planes pulling off their airplanes.

Furthermore, the air traffic controller has been taken off duty. A probe has been launched into the matter.

Notably, the crowd over Mumbai skies has registered a sharp rise due to the closure of Pakistan airspace since February 27.

Recently, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 plummeted into a field minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa bound for Nairobi last Sunday, killing all on board. The disaster led to the worldwide grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, the plane that crashed. At least 157 people were killed in the crash. Witnesses said the plane nose-dived into remote farmland southeast of the Ethiopian capital, reducing the plane to small pieces of debris buried deep in the earth. People of 35 nationalities were killed in the crash.