New Delhi: Two GoAir flights made an unplanned landing after one suffered a technical glitch and other had a faulty indication on the cargo hold, news agency ANI reported on Sunday. GoAir Flight G8 174 from Delhi to Male suffered a technical glitch on Saturday.

As per ANI tweet, “GoAir Flight G8 174 from Delhi to Male suffered a technical glitch (y’day). As per standard operating procedure, the captain decided to return to Delhi. Post landing, the glitch was identified and rectified by changing a component. The aircraft is currently operational.”

In another incident, Goa-Delhi flight G8 285 made a precautionary landing due to a faulty indication on cargo hold. Both the incidents took place on Saturday.

Later the GoAir issued a statement on both the incidents. “GoAir sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to its passengers. GoAir is committed to the highest degree of safety of its passengers and its own crew members and the crew,” read the statement.

In September, GoAir flight had to make an emergency landing in Bengaluru airport due to a technical issue. Reports said that the flight G8-283 was scheduled to fly from Bengaluru to Pune when its engine developed a snag mid-air. It was a close shave for the passengers who were on board the GoAir flight.

In a statement issued by the flight said that after the glitch, the flight was returned to Bengaluru as per the standard operating procedure.

Reportedly, when the flight was midair, the pilots were informed of the vibration in an engine. The vibration led to the oil chip detection alarm. The engine was finally shut down while the plane was still mid-air.

In June, an Indigo airline had made an emergency landing at Kolkata airport after the pilot noticed a crack in the windshield of the aircraft. Reports say the Indigo flight was traveling to Banglore. All 178 passengers on board are reported to be safe.