New Delhi, August 22: To avoid invasion of privacy, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has advised users to not put their Aadhaar number on the social media or on the internet. Just like people avoid putting their credit/debit card details on the public domain, the same logic should be applied to the Aadhaar also.

UIDAI said in its advisory that people should not fear using Aadhaar but need to make sure they use it wisely. “You should use your Aadhaar without any hesitation for proving your identity and doing transactions, just like you use your bank account, PAN card, debit card and credit card. You can freely use your Aadhaar to establish your identity as and when required without fear. While using Aadhaar, you should do the same level of due diligence as you do in case of other ID cards-not more, not less,” TOI reported UIDAI as saying.

Earlier, amid the rising concern over outdated Aadhaar helpline number being pre-stored without user consent on certain mobile phones, the UIDAI had said that “vested interests” tried to misuse Google’s inadvertent act for fear-mongering against Aadhaar. Clarifying that a helpline number cannot steal data from a user’s phone, the UIDAI further suggested phone users not to panic and replace the outdated helpline number with the new number 1947 if they wished to. The UIDAI’s statement came after Google apologised for “inadvertently” loading the outdated Aadhaar number in the contact lists of Android phones.