New Delhi, Aug 17: Working on the case of the attack on JNU student leader Umar Khalid, Delhi Police Special Cell is on the lookout for two people who have claimed responsibility for the crime, said media reports. The four-minute video shows two men who identified themselves as Sarvesh Shahpur and Naveen Dalal. It was circulated on WhatsApp and social media. They had claimed they would surrender at the house of Sikh leader Kartar Singh Sarabha on Friday. “We respect our Constitution. But there is no provision in our Constitution to punish mad dogs. By mad dogs, we mean the JNU gang that is making the country weaker and their number is increasing. Our elders in Haryana have taught us that such people should be taught a lesson,” Shahpur said in the video message. Also Read - Dope! Girl Walks on Cyclists' Back as if Human Treadmill, Former Basketball Player Rex Chapman Shares Jaw-Dropping Video

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The attack on Khalid was meant to be their gift to the countrymen on Independence Day, they said. Cops working on the case aid they were looking for the men and also needed to check their claims so as to rule out hoax or a move to derail the investigations. They have contacted their Punjab and Haryana counterparts to help with the identification of the duo. Police are also looking for the man whose photo Khalid had tweeted, identifying him as his assailant. Delhi Police have recreated the scene of the crime to ascertain what happened outside the Constitutions Club on Monday. Khalid was taken to the spot where the prime suspect pinned him on the ground and tried to shoot him. The teams enacted the scene to find the possible entry and escape route taken by the suspect. (Also read: Umar Khalid Shot at, CCTV Grab of Suspect Out) Also Read - 'Garmi' But Graceful: Doctor in PPE Suit Grooves to Nora Fatehi-Varun Dhawan's Song And we Are Smitten! WATCH

In a series of grabs released by the cops, the suspect was seen running towards Suchna Bhawan after the attack. The alleged suspect then came out a with a handkerchief covering his mouth. Cops said that a team conducted an assessment on providing security cover to Khalid and he will be provided with adequate police protection.