Srinagar, July 14: The Indian Army, under ‘Operation Sadbhavna’, will provide free education to children in Ganderbal Sonamarg district of Jammu and Kashmir. The Army’s open school will also give other benefits to students like free books, lunch etc. Altaf Ahmad, the Head Teacher at ‘Free Open Army School’, said the students who are enrolled in the school have been brought to light. “These children are from nomadic community, never been to school. The Army brought them here, to light from darkness,” Altaf told ANI.

In the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Operation Sadhbhavna was launched way back in 1998 as terrorists in the rural zones of the valley had made lives miserable by destroying public and government properties like schools, bridges, electricity supply system etc. The Indian Army through its operation aimed to restore life in the valley and win the hearts of people. The main focus of this operation has always been quality education, women and youth empowerment, development of infrastructure. Also, the army was keen in improving the health sector under their operation.

In addition to this, the army took care of basic needs like water supply, electricity etc. The army through their initiative has also tried to educate youths about computers and for this, many computer centres have been set up at numerous places which also includes government schools. These facilities provide computer education to the youths, children, and women who have no access to such facilities. Another aim to launch this operation was to bridge the gap between people of valley and security forces.