New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi on Friday reacted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that Kerala was “special” to him, saying that “a timely visit” by the PM at the time when Kerala was suffering due to floods, would have been appreciated.

Gandhi added that Kerala is still suffering and awaits a relief package, like those given by the Centre to other flood-hit states.

Speaking at the Manorama Conclave being held in Kochi, PM Modi said that Kerala was special to him. “I have had numerous opportunities to visit Kerala. One of the first things I did after the people blessed me yet again with a big responsibility is visiting the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple,” he stated.

To which, Rahul Gandhi said on Twitter, “Dear Mr Modi, After your visit to Guruvayur – a huge flood visited Kerala, causing death & destruction. A timely visit then would have been appreciated. Kerala is suffering & still awaits a relief package, like those given to other flood-hit states. This is unfair.”

PM Modi on Friday inaugurated the third edition of the Manorama News Conclave via video-conferencing from New Delhi.