New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday described the Union Budget as one of hope and expressed confidence that it will boost the country’s development in the 21st century, giving strength to the poor and providing a better tomorrow for the youth.

All you need to know about Union Budget 2019

Commenting on the first Budget of the NDA government’s second term, the Prime Minister said it showed that the expectations of the people can be met.

He termed it as a “historic step” towards making India a country which would meet people’s expectations and fulfil their dreams.

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Here’s All That Will Get Costlier and Cheaper Henceforth:


Gold and other precious metals

Petrol, diesel

Imported auto parts

Tobacco, hookah

Digital camera

Imported cars, books


Optical fibres


Certain synthetic rubber

Vinyl flooring

CCTV cameras

Imported stainless steel products

Raw materials for soap manufacturing

Marble slabs

Mountings for furniture

Ceramic tiles


Electric vehicle parts

Defence equipment

Set-top box

Camera module and charger of mobile phones