New Delhi, June 25: Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri on Sunday retorted to a tweet directed at him asking him about the cutting of 17,000 trees in the national capital. Puri not only gave a blunt reply but also asked the Twitter user to mend his tone. The exchange of tweets over the cutting of trees finally led to the trolling of the Minister by Twitterati. Also Read - Domestic Flight Services Between Sikkim And Delhi Start After 1.5 Years | Details Here

Hardeep Singh Puri further said,”Till the time I am a minister no tree will be cut & for every tree that is cut we will plant 10 trees. Green cover will go up by three times after re-development of 7 colonies in South Delhi. Young activists are too fast to blame.” He also asked the Twitter user to read the government’s press release regarding the cutting of trees issued in the interest of the Delhi people. Also Read - Petrol, Diesel Prices Rise Yet Again | Check Rates in Various Metro Cities

To counter the series of tweets that barraged him, the Minister further mentioned in a series of tweets how few people were spreading fake news over the social media and how people must be beware of such “mischief mongers.”

Meanwhile, KK Mishra, the one who had filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court over the felling of trees mentioned that a CAG report stated there is a deficit of nearly 9 lakh trees in Delhi and hoped that the court took cognizance of the matter and put a stay on the order. Mishra also stated how over 20,000 trees are slated to be cut in the main south Delhi area.

Residents on Sunday were seen staging a protest against cutting of trees under redevelopment project in Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar and Netaji Nagar areas. The mass tree-felling move comes at a time when the air pollution levels in the city are at an all-time high with the current Air Quality Index level hovering around the unhealthy mark (between 150 and 200).