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While millions are awaiting in United States to see a glimpse of Indian Prime Minister, or may be attend his speech, there comes a summons on his way. Although it has not disrupted any proceeding until now, Indians in the country seems to furious about the recent developments. Twitter has been flooded with tweets against America and the President Barack Obama for allowing such an event while Narendra Modi is visiting the country. Also Read - Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Calls Farmers Foundation of 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'; Warns Masses as Corona Cases Surge | 10 Points

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A federal court issued a summons over his controversial role in the 2002 Godhra riots in Gujarat. The summons was issued by the Federal Court of Southern District of New York after a case was filed by American Justice Centre, a non-profit human rights organisation. The organisation filed the case on behalf of two survivors of the horrific incident and called for a response from Modi on the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) and the Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA). It was also reportedly said that the Prime Minister requires to respond to the summons within 21 days after it is served.

While some Twitterati say that United States should learn how to treat guests, others say that it seems like it was a planned by the US government to malign Modi’s reputation.

Here are some of the furious tweeples tweeting on the incident