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    UP Assembly elections 2017 LIVE: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said, “Muslims will give triple talaq in Uttar Pradesh – one to Modi, another to Akhilesh, third to Congress.” The firebrand MP has been constantly campaigning in UP. His party has fielded 11 candidates in the first two phases of elections.

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    <font color="292f33” face=”Arial, sans-serif”>UP Assembly elections 2017 LIVE: “PM has the right to travel abroad, but it’s his duty to visit farmers first,” says Rahul Gandhi.

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    UP Assembly elections 2017 LIVE: “Modiji wants the money of the poor to stay in banks,” says Rahul Gandhi.

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    UP Assembly elections 2017 LIVE: Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over demonetisation. “The farmer cannot deal in credit cards Modi ji,” says Rahul Gandhi.

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    <font color="292f33” face=”Arial, sans-serif”>UP Assembly elections 2017 LIVE: “PM Narendra Modi deceived the youth by making false promises of providing employment,” says Rahul Gandhi.

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    UP Assembly elections 2017 LIVE: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Mathura

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New Delhi, Feb 6: The battle for Uttar Pradesh is heating up with just days to go for the first phase of elections on February 11. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi will address a rally in Aligarh where Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack at the ruling Samajwadi Party and the Congress. Also Read - Bihar Assembly Election 2020 LIVE News And Updates: 'They Are Conspiring to Weaken India', PM Modi Lambasts Opposition For Demanding Restoration of Article 370

Modi, addressing a rally in Aligarh on Sunday, said that Uttar Pradesh had the maximum number of villages without electricity. “There are 18,000 villages in India that do not have any access to electricity. These villages of 21st century still live as in we are in the 18th century. I ordered the officials that withing 1,000 days, electricity must reach in the 18,000 villages that do not have any access to electricity. Most of the villages who do not have any access to electricity belong to Uttar Pradesh,” Modi said. Also Read - Rahul Gandhi Takes Dig at BJP For Free Vaccine Poll Promise, Shashi Tharoor Calls it Appalling

He also attacked the Akhilesh Yadav government over women’s safety. “Can any woman in Uttar Pradesh leave their house after sunset? Once you remove the leaders who support Goondaism in Uttar Pradesh, women of Uttar Pradesh will feel secure. I have told the Uttar Pradesh government multiple times to leave corruption aside, but for this they have to keep the welfare of the people at the forefront,” Modi said. Also Read - Wear Masks, Maintain Social Distancing: Modi in Message to Bengal For Durga Puja Festivities | Highlights

He also made shocking claims, saying, “There are 24 rapes in Uttar Pradesh daily and at least 21 attempts of rape in 24 hours. There are 13 murders,33 kidnapping, 19 riots and 136 thefts in Uttar Pradesh in a day. All these are the figures that have been recorded.”

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi will also address rallies in Shamli and Mathura on Monday. While addressing a joint rally with UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi hit out at Modi for his ‘SCAM’ jibe. “Modi ji has come up with a new scheme-SCAM. The person who is in involved in scams, sees scams everywhere,” he said. “I will reply to Prime Minister Modi’s SCAM remark. It’s Seva (Service), Bahaduri (Courage), Shamta (Ability) and Modesty,” he added.

Gandhi also attacked Modi over demonetisation, saying, “After the Uttar Pradesh polls, Prime Minister Modi will realise what the people think of demonetisation. People of UP will not buy your lies. The Prime Minister says that he is against corruption. But after demonetisation, there was not a rich man in the queue; no ‘suit boot’ person was seen. The farmers don’t take cheques, they take cash. He has created problems for the poor,” he said.

Uttar Pradesh will vote in seven phase election between February 11 and March 8.