New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission today approved a tariff hike of up to 12 per cent for various power consumers in the state.

The commission, however, abolished the regulatory surcharge of 4.8 per cent for state discoms, therefore providing relief to customers.

For domestic consumers, the commission has approved a hike of 8-12 per cent in power tariff. Therefore, an actual increase would between 3.72 per cent to 7.72 per cent.

For the industrial (heavy) consumer category, the tariff hike is within the range of 5-10 per cent. Effective increase after reducing regulatory surcharge of 4.28 per cent would be 0.72 per cent to 5.72 per cent.

For the agriculture sector, the increase of 9 per cent has been decided and 15 per cent for rural schedule.

To deter unmetered connections and for the conversion of unmetered to metered connection, a rise in tariff for domestic unmetered connections has been approved.

The official release said that the rates have been revised keeping in view the increase in the expenditure cost and decrease in revenue, which had widened the gap and financial efficiency of the state discoms.

With PTI inputs