Lucknow, Jan 3: The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered madrasas  to cut down on holidays on Muslim festivals. The government also ordered the religious institutions to allow holidays on festivals of other faiths. Also Read - FATF Asks 150 Questions to Pakistan, Seeks Answers on Madrassas Linked to Terror Outfits

A media report said that madrasas in Uttar Pradesh used to be closed on Holi and Ambedkar Jayanti. However, the updated calendar allows holidays on Buddh Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, Mahanavmi, Mahavir Jayanti, Diwali, Dussehra and Christmas. Also Read - Hundreds of UP Madrassas Refuse Vaccination to Children Over WhatsApp Rumours of Impotency: Report

The report said that these seven news holidays have been added, whereas 10 discretionary holidays have been cancelled. These discretionary holidays use to be announced around Muslim festivals like Id-ul-Zuha and Muharram, but now they have been cut short to 4 days. Registrar of UP Madrasa Board, Rahul Gupta told TOI that the 10-day holidays have been distributed to accommodate birthdays of great leaders. He said it was important for the students to know about the leaders.  He also added that the decision was taken to bring madrasas  on par with basic school education. Also Read - Hardliner Mentality Created in Madrassas Against Hindus And Shias is The Reason Behind Communal Violence: UP Shia Waqf Board Chief Waseem Rizvi

Meanwhile, there is anger among some people with the UP government’s decision. Eijaz Ahmed, president, Islamic Madarsa Modernisation Teachers’ Association, told the paper that Madrasas were religious institutions that do require different kinds of leave around a number of minority events. He added that it was not wrong to add holidays on festivals of other faiths, but Muslim holidays should not have been slashed.