New Delhi: The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday suspended one of the most well-known IPS officer, Senior Superintendent of Noida Police Vaibhav Krishna, for violation of service rules after a controversy came to light regarding a pornographic chat and video that went viral. Also Read - UP Panchayat Election 2021: Date to be Announced Soon, Check Seat Reservation and Details Here

The investigation was triggered by a leaked letter that was purportedly written by the SSP to his superiors, calling them out over corruption charges. Also Read - 'Kareena, Anushka Ka Bhi Baccha Ho Gaya': Video Hilariously Shows How Married Women Are Pressurised To Have Kids | Watch

During the police investigation, Krishna had alleged that the sex chat and video featuring him with a woman had been morphed. He had named IPS officers Ajaypal Sharma, Sudhir Singh, Himanshu Kumar, Rajeev Narayan Mishra and Ganesh Saha for conspiring against him by creating the viral video to stir controversy. Also Read - Ghost Video: Baby Gets 'Pulled Under The Bed' by Ghost, Dad Shares Horrifying Footage | Watch

However, the forensic teams discovered that the video had not been edited and was not fake. The state government has also taken stern action against the other five accused and removed them from their posts.

At the same time, Krishna’s counterparts SSP of Lucknow Kalanidhi Naithani has been transferred as SSP Ghaziabad, while SSP of Rampur Ajaypal Sharma has also been transferred, over violence during anti-Citizenship protests.