New Delhi: After allowing the Congress to send 1,000 buses to ferry migrants from various states back to Uttar Pradesh, reports have now emerged that the Yogi Adityanath-led state government will send 12,000 buses to ferry migrants back to their respective states. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh News: Yogi Adityanath Allows Congress to Run 1,000 Buses to Ferry Migrant Workers

As part of this plan, state reports, district magistrates will be given 200 buses each to arrange for migrants’ travel back home. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh News: Buses Provided by Congress Rreturn as Yogi Denies Permission

The Chief Minister is also reported to have asked various states for lists of migrants who are to be sent home. Additionally, district authorities in Uttar Pradesh have been asked to ensure that food and water is provided to migrant labourers as soon as they enter the state.

Authorities have also been directed to make sure that migrants don’t travel on foot, or by motorcycles, three-wheelers or trucks. They will be sent back either by ‘Shramik Special’ trains or government-arranged buses.

Notably, CM Yogi had earlier ordered that all borders of the state be sealed to prevent migrants, entering the state to continue their journey to other states or proceed to their home districts in Uttar Pradesh, on their own or on trucks. Angry migrants, had, however, staged protests at different places on being blocked from entering the state.

The directive had come after several road accidents took place in which migrants heading home were killed, including one in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya on Saturday.

Uttar Pradesh, at last count, had over 4,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including more than 100 casualties.