Maharajganj (UP): The Uttar Pradesh government has cancelled the recognition of a madrasa following reports of its principal and teacher stopping the students from singing the national anthem on Independence Day, said media reports on Wednesday. Official sources said the recognition of Madrasa Arabia Ahle Girls College in Badago area under Kolhui police station had been cancelled on the order of the state education department. District minority welfare officer Prabhat Kumar said the action was taken following the report of the inquiry committee set up by the administration to probe the allegations. Madrasa principal Fazlal Rahman and some other teachers had reportedly stopped the students from singing the national anthem on Independence Day after unfurling of the Tricolour and a video of the same did the rounds. The video purportedly shows Ansari stopping children from singing the national anthem. When a teacher, Sunil Kumar Tripathi, is seen objecting, Ansari is reportedly heard saying, “We do not do that here.” The principal and Nizam were also present, but they did not speak on the matter. (Also read: UP Madrasas to Get NCERT Books)

A case of treason was filed against three madrasa teachers and they were arrested. After the investigation, the report was sent to the BJP-led state government. Sources said alternative arrangements will be made to accommodate the students of the seminary in some other institution.

The madrasa is registered with the UP Madrasa board. Madrasa board Registrar SN Pandey had sent a letter to the District Magistrate, asking him to submit an inquiry report. The letter said that the board had issued clear directions to all madrasas, instructing them to celebrate Independence Day.  Earlier reports had suggested that a local resident, Zunaid Ansari, had a role to play in the episode. Reports said Ansari had apparently stopped the kids from singing the national anthem and when a teacher objected, he had gone on to say, “We do not do it here.”