New Delhi: In a strange and funny incident, a wedding in Uttar Pradesh was called off alleging that the bride spends too much time on the WhatsApp. The incident happened in Amroha district of the state.

According to the Hindustan Times report, the bride and her relatives were waiting for the bridegroom on the wedding day but they didn’t turn up. When the bride family inquired, they were told that the marriage has been called off because the bride spends too much time on WhatsApp.  But the bride family has refused all these allegations and said that the groom family was demanding Rs65 Lakh dowry and when they fail to meet their demands, the groom family called off the marriage.

Meanwhile, the bride’s family has lodged a complaint against the groom’s family.

In a similar incident, a wedding was called off by the bride’s family because the groom’s family had demanded beef. The incident was reported from Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh.

The groom’s family had put a condition to the bride’s family that they should either serve their guests with beef preparations or get prepared for the wedding to be called off.

This incident reminds of another such similar incident that happened in Uttar Pradesh in April 2017. A wedding in Muzaffarnagar was called off after seeing that only pure vegetarian dishes were served for the guests. This incident took place in Kulhedi village.